True or False?

by Jim Ramsey

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I read somewhere recently that there is now a label out there (“truefax”) that is used when something is undeniably true.” I always thought that a “true fact” was an oxymoron, that if it was indeed a “fact” then it was indeed “true.” I’m confused! If there are “true facts” then are there “false facts” as well?

Do you remember tests you took in school? Basically, as I remember it, there were three kinds of these measuring devices: Essay, Multiple Choice (which I always called “Multiple Guess.”), and True or False. In the Essay format you were on your own, left only to your grasp of the subject matter and your ability to put it in words. (Take it from me, the possibility of doing a “snow job” on the instructor was present with this type.) Multiple Choice tests at least gave options, and you knew one of the choices was correct. The True/False test was the most challenging, in my opinion, because a creative instructor could make it very difficult to discern the correct response. We have daily True/False tests at present because we live in a world where there are false facts that touch every area of life foisted upon us from every direction. Some are presented very subtly and others are proclaimed blatantly. We are bombarded daily with lies, and are pushed to accept as truth ideas that, in the end, have no substance whatsoever. The media and “educated fools” manipulate those who refuse to be discerning and put forth the effort to put accepted ideas to the test of reality, which is the truth found in God’s Word. All truth is God’s truth, and it is still relevant, having stood the test of time in every area of life. True or False? – The very best way for us to discern what is false is to immerse ourselves in God’s truth. The correct answer is True!

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