The Hope of the Future

By John Mardirosian

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Eastland Baptist Church has enjoyed a great history. As Youth Pastor, I look at our teens and dream of all the great things God has planned for each of them and for our future here at Eastland.

We are truly blessed with a great church and a great group of teenagers. I have the privilege of spending time with them each week and getting to know them individually. Our teens have a great heart to know and serve God. While you might not have the same opportunity every week, I want you to get to know our teens and invest in their lives. The investment you make today will reap unimaginable dividends in years to come. This past year, we saw amazing investments through the Dessert Auctions and “I Love my Church” Offering.

You invested significantly through the “I Love My Church” Offering. With that offering, we were able to construct new restrooms, add a welcome center, replace HVAC, create a new back entrance with awning, install windows across the front, install new front doors, a new front porch, and a wheelchair ramp. We could not have completed any of this work without your generosity. Before our “I Love My Church” Offering this year, we will take some time for our teens to tell you how grateful they are for your generosity.

We will be taking our “I Love My Church” Offering on Sunday, April 23rd. This year’s offering will again be designated for our teenagers and the completion of the youth room renovation. Significant progress has been made, but we still need to complete drywall and painting, install new flooring throughout, add lighting in the game room, and add roll-up doors between the game room and Jr. High room. This year’s offering will pay for a significant part of this work.

We are expecting great things for the future of Eastland Baptist Church. One of the ways we are making preparation is through the continued investment in our teenagers. Thank you for all the investments you have made and will make this year through our special “I Love My Church” offering.

Remembering Church Music

By Jesse Becker

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I can remember growing up and every Sunday walking into church and hearing the spirited playing of hymns on the piano. Then at the start of the service the song leader would step up to the platform and call out a song number to which everyone would open their hymnal and begin singing with enthusiasm. The sound of worshipful hearts and voices filled the room and lifted the spirit of all who heard. The songs were filled with truth and were simple to learn. I have not forgotten them over the years.


Book Review: Sunday School in HD

Sunday school classes create an environment for people to implement what is preached from the pulpit. Sunday School at Eastland is a dynamic environment where people are challenged to grow and are held accountable. In fact, we believe four of the five purposes for the church are accomplished through Sunday School: evangelism, discipleship, ministry, and fellowship (worship being the primary objective of the church service). Sunday School in HD is a great read for those who are looking to improve their Sunday School program and reignite passion for nurturing spiritual relationships and stirring people to act on the Great Commission.

- Daniel Fleet