The BIG Question!

By Jim Ramsey

casual young man looking at a big question mark made of clouds

The Apostle James in his epistle asks the question, “For what is your life?” (James 4:14) to provoke our thinking about priorities and the brevity of the time we have to “make our mark” in the world. Mankind has always been curious about 3 things: (1.) Where did I come from? (2.) Why am I here? (3.) Where am I going? As Christians, we know the answers to these “BIG 3” questions!


  • Our life is about God! In Christ our life is now centered in Him and His purpose for us, a purpose that will finally be completed in the “day of Christ.” (Philippians 1:6)


  • Our life is for God! We no longer live for ourselves but for others, and with the objective of glorifying – giving credence and weight- to the Person Who has made us who we are in His family.


  • Our life is because of God! Where would we be had God not “invaded” our lives and brought us to our senses in the matter of the real meaning of life and of an eternity that awaits! What a joy to remind ourselves that we are saved by grace, and that we have life because of what God accomplished on the cross for us.


The BIG question for us about the “BIG 3” questions is: Does my Christian life clearly reflect the One Who is my real reason for living?