By Andrew Calabrese


Every day we make choices that shape our life story. What would your life look like if you let godly principles guide those choices? If someone asked you to tell your life’s story, what would you say?

You might start with where you were born and how you were raised. You might mention your first love. Maybe you’d talk about the big move your family made or when you left for college. If you’re married, you might describe how you met your spouse. If you’re not married, you might describe why. If you’re a parent, you might scroll through some photos on your phone and show off your family. Or maybe you’d describe your career path. What’s in your story?

Although all of us have parts within our life story that we are proud to tell, most of us also have chapters we’d rather not share with anyone. Maybe you’ve ended up somewhere you never wanted to be. You didn’t mean to blow it, but you did. You made decisions that took you farther than you ever intended to go. You did some things that cost you more than you ever thought you’d have to pay. You hurt people. You compromised your values. You broke promises. You did things you feel like you can’t undo.

There’s good news: your story is not over. It’s not too late to change the story you’ll tell one day. Regardless of what you’ve done (or haven’t done), your future is unwritten. You have more victories to win, more friends to meet, more of a difference to make, more of God’s goodness to experience. Whether or not you like the plot so far, with God’s help, you can transform your story into one you’re proud to share.

Here’s one way to change your story: start something new.

No matter how uncertain, afraid, or stuck you may feel right now, your story continues today. What is one thing you will start today that will move your life in the direction God would want it to go? Working out a few days a week? Reading a portion of the Bible every day? Going to counseling to deal with an unresolved issue? Living with greater generosity? Serving at your church or in your community?

Now is a good time to jot it down. Open a notebook and record your thoughts. Don’t overthink this, but do take a moment to get it on paper—just one discipline to start. Just ask yourself, “What do I need to start doing to move in the direction of the life story I want to tell?”

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