No Answer is Not Always a “No” Answer

By Jesse Becker


Luke 1:5-25

After a year or so of marriage, my wife and I looked forward to having children. Many of our friends’ families were beginning to grow, and we were excited about having the same for us. But our family didn’t start for another 5 years during which we had at least 3 miscarriages. Those years were long and hard, and we prayed and prayed for children. However, our prayers only seemed to be answered with a resounding “no.”

The Christian’s Unfair Advantage in Trials

By Jim Ramsey


It is hard to see our brothers and sisters in Christ go through times of suffering, loss, and hardship. Our consolation in Christ is that even though trials are a part of life, a part that is unavoidable for all of us, God has given us an advantage in such times! Scripture is clear that I will face trials–that it takes courage to face my problems, to strive for holiness, and to live for God in an increasingly non-Christian culture. So, what IS the “unfair advantage” I have over the non-Christian in facing trials?

A Higher Rock

By Daniel Fleet

Mountain Top

Have you have ever had a season in your life that was particularly difficult? If you are a human being with breath then you probably have! When life is hard and circumstances are difficult, I almost always look for comfort in the book of Psalms; it’s a great book where you can find help, healing, and hope.