The Cross of Christ Will Stand

By Jesse Becker


Things change. The weather. The political scene. The stock market. Our health. Our families. Our attitudes and outlooks.

Near the very beginning, after God created a perfect world, sin entered in and everything changed. God’s relationship with man was interrupted, and the curse of sin prevailed throughout the universe.

But God set a plan in motion to reconcile sinful man back to Himself, and it all centered on the cross. For centuries those who believed God looked forward with hope to the sacrifice and salvation He would provide. And for 2,000 years since, those who believe God look back to that day when Jesus laid down His life and took our punishment — our separation from God.

Remembering Church Music

By Jesse Becker

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I can remember growing up and every Sunday walking into church and hearing the spirited playing of hymns on the piano. Then at the start of the service the song leader would step up to the platform and call out a song number to which everyone would open their hymnal and begin singing with enthusiasm. The sound of worshipful hearts and voices filled the room and lifted the spirit of all who heard. The songs were filled with truth and were simple to learn. I have not forgotten them over the years.