Reasons to Engage in Political Activism Carefully

By Pastor Dorrell

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As Christians living in the United States, it is easy to get caught up in political activism. There is no doubt many of us care deeply about the moral issues facing our nation. We incessantly hear about politics on the television news, on the radio, and in conversation. And, much of what we hear can discourage us. It can become tempting to think that legislation and politics are the keys or pathways to solving the moral problems that plague American culture and society. However, I simply want to pose the question: Is that really true? Where does the real potential reside to see American culture, values, and ethics change for the better?

Es Tiempo de Hablar

By Angel Meléndez

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“Y les mando que no le dijesen a nadie; pero cuanto más les mandaba, tanto mas y mas lo divulgaban” (Marcos 7:36)

Vivimos en tiempos de silencio. En los matrimonios nadie quiere ser el primero en hablar para solucionar los problemas, Sabemos que algo anda mal con nuestros hijos pero simplemente preferimos quedarnos callados y no intervenir, Como cristianos ya no queremos hablar a otros sobre Jesús por miedo a ofender o a incomodar.