Giving LIFE to Motherhood

by Teri Dorrell

Daugher and Mother in park

“Mooooom, I need you!” That can be a glorious call or words that make you want to hide. As a mom of seven, I have often heard those words. Being a mom isn’t an easy task, but it is a blessed one.

My goal has been to build a life-long relationship with my children. It is easy to get caught up in the chores of today, or even to be counting the days when they will be old enough to be on their own. However, as moms it is important to remember that influence and investment can and should continue throughout their lives. I have found the acronym: LIFE to be helpful in accomplishing that goal.

Parents, Put Your Skills to the Test

by John Mardirosian


A primary goal for every parent, early on in parenting, is teaching obedience. Obedience is essential for the home to function properly. This goal can be defined as: teaching your child to obey immediately, completely, without challenge or complaint in order to please their parents and God. As a parent, how are you and your child doing?