Evangelism to the Max

by Jim Ramsey


Mark’s Gospel is a “busy” book in which Jesus seems the busiest, moving from one event to another. In his “Gospel of the Servant” narrative, the emphasis is on the deeds of Jesus more than on the words of Jesus. One of those many deeds is recorded in the first twelve verses of chapter 2. It is an account that displays the extremes to which four men went to take a paralyzed friend to Jesus, the only One who had the power to change his condition. This “quartet” literally “raised the roof” to lower their friend into Jesus’ presence. Get the picture? They didn’t let the curious crowd that was in the way deter them, they didn’t let the necessary labor involved discourage them, and they didn’t let possible criticism and opposition diminish their faith in Jesus’ ability to help their beloved friend. Motivated by love, they found a creative way to accomplish the seemingly impossible task at hand.

This story brought some questions to my mind: To what lengths am I going to bring people to Christ? Am I a true “friend” to those I meet? Am I more concerned about me than I am about others? Do I let the slightest opposition stifle my good intentions? Do I really believe that only Jesus can meet the deepest need of every person born into this world?

The Mark 2 story challenges me to be more conscious of the needs of those the Lord puts in my path and to be more creative in my efforts to bring them to the Savior Who has done so much for me. How about you?

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