Remembering Church Music

By Jesse Becker

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I can remember growing up and every Sunday walking into church and hearing the spirited playing of hymns on the piano. Then at the start of the service the song leader would step up to the platform and call out a song number to which everyone would open their hymnal and begin singing with enthusiasm. The sound of worshipful hearts and voices filled the room and lifted the spirit of all who heard. The songs were filled with truth and were simple to learn. I have not forgotten them over the years.

I am so thankful that today my children can walk into church and experience the same thing—grateful hearts singing praise to God. Many of the songs are the ones I learned as a boy, while others are newer but still hold to the same truths. Every Sunday worship service at Eastland Baptist Church strives to use music to glorify God, magnify His character, and encourage all that are present. The songs are uplifting and happy. Everyone finds them easy to sing along with because they are familiar, and the words are packed with promise and assurance.

I am also grateful for the 60-voice choir and 20-piece orchestra which only add to the excitement as they present energetic arrangements of songs with inspiring messages of hope and truth. Each service I draw closer to God as I listen to the special selection from a group or soloist who pour out their hearts as they sing. All the songs are presented to lift up God, glorify Him, and praise Him for all He has done.

As the song leader, I am thrilled each and every service to hear the congregation participate in praising and worshipping God in song. And I’m even more thrilled to look over to where my family sits and see my children singing out with their own little voices and learning the same songs I learned growing up.

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