Why We Have Choir

by Jesse Becker


Church music ministries are subject to change. Many churches have adopted new methods of leading in worship that exclude a choir. So, why do we still have choir? Here are just a few benefits:

  1. Choir is a healthy way to get a lot of people involved and engaged in a ministry who otherwise may not have a place yet.
  2. The choir is a very visible indicator to the regular members and visitors of the level of commitment that exists in our church. Most of our choir members are involved with other ministries besides choir. A healthy choir indicates a healthy church.
  3. Our choir, the most regular and visible part of the music ministry, will attract the new visitor and often be part of the reason they return. If this many people are excited to be here, they may want to come back and see why.
  4. Choir members learn the value of teamwork. Together the choir can create a moving experience that any one individual singer could not achieve on their own.
  5. Choir is a great place for fellowship. We build camaraderie like no other. We work together for a common goal and have fun doing it.
  6. Choir is an opportunity for people to build the character trait of faithfulness. We have regular rehearsal times which everyone must attend in order to participate in the service.
  7. Our choir adds energy to the service, an energy that would be missed if it were gone.
  8. The choir has the great opportunity to present powerful messages through song like no other group or individual could.
  9. Once the choir learns a song and sing it with conviction, they truly minister to those who hear. What a blessing that is!

 We are certainly blessed at Eastland to have such a wonderful choir. Let me add that all of the above reasons for choir apply to our orchestra as well. Together they represent the heart of the music ministry, and I thank God for every member.

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