The Way Life Should be

By Jim Ramsey

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Here in beautiful, cool New England we have had a wonderful time out of the everyday routine of life on the home front. We were privileged to spend most of our time off in Maine where Linda was born and spent the first eighteen years of her life. Maine is called “America’s vacationland, the Pine Tree state,” and the scenery is amazing!

There is a saying the Mainers (or is it Mainiacs!) have posted everywhere (on signs, tee shirts, mugs, refrigerator magnets…-you get the picture!) that says “Maine: the way life should be.” I tend to agree, and have said many times that I’d like to live here. My wife quickly reminds me that I’ve not been here in the winter, so I guess there are some limitations to the word “life” in this saying.

I’m certain that the way life should be, Maine or no Maine, is the way God describes it in His Word, prescribes its parameters, and provides for its success on a daily basis. I can’t help but see through the eyes of my experiences with Him that I am blessed above and beyond what I could ever ask or think, and that He is enabling me to live “the way life should be.”

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