Exercising Regularly?

By Jim Ramsey

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For me, as well as for all seniors, an increased demand for attention to personal physical health and well-being is a big part of the “package” that comes with aging. As one who has been blessed with 10 years and 3 months of life beyond quintuple bypass surgery [April, 2006] I have certainly made an effort, with much spousal encouragement, to operate according to post-surgery dietary and exercise regimens, and though not always perfect, at least I am working at it.

My exercise equipment at home and daily outside activity certainly “shore up” my physical conditioning, but I was reading recently of something that studies have revealed are a “tremendous rejuvenator of body and soul.” This special medicine –LAUGHTER—is something that is often neglected or downplayed as having no effect on our health, but, according to an article in the Life Senior Services publication Vintage Newsmagazine, such is not the case. The latest and greatest exercise?? – laughter yoga! Laughter yoga clubs, which were started in India by Dr. Madan Kataria , have spread across the world. Laughter is contagious, and though awkward, even simulated laughter can spawn genuine laughter, which can be “Vitamin L” for our body, soul, and spirit!

Funny how research validates what God says in His Word for His children! Remember Proverbs 17:22? “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Along with my other exercise and medications, a good dose of laughter yoga many times a day can make a difference in my heart condition! I certainly desire to be a joyful, happy person that encourages others, and if my “laughter quotient” is up to par, the Lord can use my merry heart to glorify Him in my relationships.

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