No Trials, No Triumphs

By Jim Ramsey

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My elliptical exercise machine, which I try to use 30 minutes each morning, has certainly been beneficial to me in my efforts to take care of my health since my quintuple bypass surgery (almost ten years ago). This equipment has some built-in programs for different purposes, all contributing to overall fitness, and its programs have a wide range of difficulty based on time and resistance level. We’re all familiar with the phrase “no pain, no gain,” and my daily routine certainly reminds me of it!

Time and resistance are also beneficial to our spiritual lives. When I reflect upon the “tools” God has used in my life I realize that resistance has aided in my spiritual growth, my stamina, my faith, more than anything else that has come my way. You may have heard this saying: A faith that can’t be tested is a faith that can’t be trusted.” The path of least resistance is not the path that leads to triumph in life. Lord, when trials (resistance) come into our lives (time), please help us to see them as tools in Your hand to strengthen us and make us more useful for Your glory!

Got all your FACTS straight?

By Jim Ramsey

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What an honor and privilege it is to be a child of God, and to enjoy all the undeserved blessings attached to my position in Christ!  My position is secure in Him, but sometimes my condition as His child is not what it should be due to the infirmities of this old nature that has certainly not been eradicated.   Thank God for the resource of prayer that allows me, if I choose, to be in constant contact with the only One Who can make me what I ought to be for His glory.  

He Can Do It!

By Jim Ramsey


It’s hard to believe that three weeks of 2016 are already spent at the time I write this article! Time really does “fly when you’re having fun,” and I thoroughly enjoy the life He has given me. I love new beginnings, but I also love the experience at my “mature age” of reflecting upon so many wonderful things that God has done, both for me personally, as well as for those He has brought across my path in life. There certainly have been no “accidents” in life thus far, and there will be no “accidents” in the road ahead – my God IS, He KNOWS, He CARES, He CAN, and, best of all, He WILL!  The exciting thing is that I have no doubt that He has some even greater things for me as I travel the road of this new year. My confidence rests in His Word, which tells me that He “…is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think..” I believe that! How about YOU?

The BIG Question!

By Jim Ramsey

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The Apostle James in his epistle asks the question, “For what is your life?” (James 4:14) to provoke our thinking about priorities and the brevity of the time we have to “make our mark” in the world. Mankind has always been curious about 3 things: (1.) Where did I come from? (2.) Why am I here? (3.) Where am I going? As Christians, we know the answers to these “BIG 3” questions!


  • Our life is about God! In Christ our life is now centered in Him and His purpose for us, a purpose that will finally be completed in the “day of Christ.” (Philippians 1:6)


  • Our life is for God! We no longer live for ourselves but for others, and with the objective of glorifying – giving credence and weight- to the Person Who has made us who we are in His family.


  • Our life is because of God! Where would we be had God not “invaded” our lives and brought us to our senses in the matter of the real meaning of life and of an eternity that awaits! What a joy to remind ourselves that we are saved by grace, and that we have life because of what God accomplished on the cross for us.


The BIG question for us about the “BIG 3” questions is: Does my Christian life clearly reflect the One Who is my real reason for living?

The Christian’s Unfair Advantage in Trials

By Jim Ramsey


It is hard to see our brothers and sisters in Christ go through times of suffering, loss, and hardship. Our consolation in Christ is that even though trials are a part of life, a part that is unavoidable for all of us, God has given us an advantage in such times! Scripture is clear that I will face trials–that it takes courage to face my problems, to strive for holiness, and to live for God in an increasingly non-Christian culture. So, what IS the “unfair advantage” I have over the non-Christian in facing trials?

Gifts Grandparents Can Give

By Jim Ramsey

Grandmother hugging her granddaughter

How did it happen so fast? It seems like yesterday our three daughters were still at home and our lives were caught up in the daily project of seeking to steer them in the right direction in life. We now have twelve grandchildren and despite the normal challenges that come with the territory, we love being grandparents. What a privilege and what a responsibility as well! They have been entrusted to us and, as grandparents, we can help them by giving them the following gifts:

Believe it! There IS a Fountain of Youth! Part 2

by Jim Ramsey


For thousands of years tales of a spring that supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters have been recounted across the world. The legend became particularly prominent in the 16th century when it became attached to the Spanish explorer Ponce De Leon, the first governor of Puerto Rico, who supposedly was searching for it when he traveled to what is now Florida in 1513.