Rescued From Boredom

by Joe Monds

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When you hear the word “summer”, what do you think about? Sunshine? Vacations? Summer house projects? Getting into a hobby? Exploring new things? The overall vibe of summer is fun! Yet, so often during the summer months we find ourselves shockingly bored. Why is that? With so much extra time on our hands, so many fun-filled advertisements passing by our faces, and so much entertainment at our fingertips, why do we find ourselves bored so frequently? We are bored at work, bored at church, bored on vacation, bored everywhere!

What makes something boring?  Why do we feel bored? 

Boredom does not require an absence of activity; it requires a lack of fulfillment and excitement about the activity. We may have our schedules packed with “fun”, yet if we aren’t doing something that provides us true life fulfillment, then eventually we will find ourselves in a state of boredom. 

Some people may think that boredom is just an occasional part of life.  I would like to submit to you today that boredom, for the Christian, is an indication of something much deeper. Boredom is the subliminal recognition of the gap between the life you live and the life God wants you to live. I’m not suggesting you fix your boredom by just conjuring up new things to do. That will only temporarily remedy your boredom. We try to take time to plan ways for our lives to feel fulfilled. Lasting joy and fulfillment comes from above. God already has a plan for you to have a more abundant life.  You just need to claim it! 

So how do we get rid of boredom?  Where Jesus is in control of a life, there is not just life, there is life more abundantly.  No room for boredom. John 10:10b, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

God doesn’t delight in His children living in monotony. He wants life to be fun and full of joy! Are you experiencing true joy everyday? Remember that God wants you to have an abundant (full) life and rescue you from boredom.

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