Industrious Insects

by Joe Monds


It’s interesting how God uses seemingly insignificant things to teach us significant truth. With a bit of humility, we can learn life lessons from anywhere, even from an insect. Proverbs 6:6 says, “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise”.  At times ants make us look bad.  They show us up regularly because unlike many of us, they are always persistent workers that labor diligently to build their homes. They spend all their waking hours finding food and taking care of their dwellings. They have a job to do, and rather than sit around talking about it, they go out and do it. Ants don’t complain about work. They don’t sneak off to hide so they can get out of work. Ants know their jobs and do their jobs. 

The persistence of the ant has always amazed and challenged men to work hard. The practical implications from this verse in Proverbs should motivate us to be consistently hard workers at our place of employment, which is a testimony that honors God and leaves us satisfied with a job well done.  The spiritual implications have an even greater impact in our lives, for the discipline to habitually walk with the Lord is an area in which we can sometimes be more like a sluggard than like an ant.  Ants don’t put off until tomorrow the things that need to be done today. Do we? It’s hard work to cultivate a consistently good relationship with God, and if we don’t have the work ethic of the ant, then perhaps we are more like the sluggard, lacking in the wisdom that can only be attained by seeking the omniscient God. 

There’s not a magic formula for becoming closer to God; it is a choice that we intentionally make to be like the industrious ant to avoid being like the sluggard. The hard work we put in today will lead to great blessings tomorrow

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