The Joy of Getting There

by Jim Ramsey


Ah, the subway! Allow me once again to reflect on a vacation experience (sorry no photos) that, believe it or not, I really enjoyed. I am a “people person,” and riding the subway in Boston was a time to rub elbows (literally!) with a great host of them as we spent a couple of days getting from place to place. What a blessing it was not to have to drive in the sometimes terrible traffic, and especially to avoid parking on the busy streets.

The Boston subway system is very organized, easily understood even by “newbies,” and is a very efficient way to travel quickly from point to point. The joy was in the journey, but it was a joy as well to get to the desired destination. We saw a lot of historical sights, beautiful structures, and the even more beautiful pictures painted by God in His creation.

The subway rides were exciting, but were nothing when compared to arrival at the “station” of Heaven with its connection to the eternal joys of living in the very presence of the God Who made it possible.

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