Run to God’s Will, Not From God’s Will

By Joe Monds

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Have you ever had a disobedient dog? They will chew things he shouldn’t chew, bark when it is inappropriate, lay on things he shouldn’t lay on… excrete on things he should not excrete on (gross). One especially aggravating trait of a disobedient would be when they run away when they are called. Nobody likes to chase around a disobedient dog.

At times in our lives we behave similarly to a disobedient dog. We hear the call of our Master and we choose to run away. God calls us to be obedient to His Will in our lives.

God is never trying to hide His Will from you. He truly desires for you to know it because it will most benefit your life and His Name. So, the question begs to be answered, “How do I know God’s Will is for my life?” That’s a marvelous question, and I believe that our good friend Jonah has some expertise in this area of life.

Jonah heard the call of the Lord on his life to serve Him in a specific fashion. So, what was Jonah’s response to this command? He ran from it! What would your response be to do something difficult and undesirable?

Man is prone to run from God’s Will when it’s against theirs, but God’s Grace can still bring them back, and use them greatly for Him.

God miraculously continues to use Jonah despite his unwilling spirit. We learn from the life of Jonah to “Run to God’s Will, not from God’s Will”. “Jonah needed to go to Nineveh, simply because it was God’s call in his life”.

The Word of the Lord came upon him. When God speaks to you to do something for Him, the best response is to do it! How do you know when God is calling you? When His word is “come upon” you. It means when you hear the word of God and it tells you to do something, do it.

At times, we are like disobedient dogs. We run away from the call of our Master because it is against our own will. Thankfully, our Master responds in a restorative way and wants to give us more chances to be used by Him, for His purposes. Let’s determine to not run from God’s Will, but run to His Will.


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