3 Parts of a Worshipping Heart

By Jesse Becker

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Many people followed Jesus to varying degrees while He was on earth. There were the multitudes who were curious. There were the sick, blind, and lame who needed healing. There were some who Jesus specifically chose the follow Him so He could teach them and prepare them for ministry. And then there were a few who left all they knew and all they had just to be near the Master. They lived a life of worship for their Lord. What drove them to live that way?

1. A Heart of Faith

Certainly a worshipping heart is pleasing to God. But we are told that “without faith it is impossible to please God.” (Hebrews 11:6) So, to please God with your worship, we must live by faith. We get saved by faith when we believe that we can’t save ourselves and that only by Jesus’ death on the cross can we find forgiveness. Living by faith is much the same—choosing to trust Jesus and not ourselves for every need and decision in each day. Living that way is living with a heart of faith.

2. A Heart of Gratitude

All of the close followers of Jesus had their lives forever changed. Some were healed from a disease or a crippling ailment, all were saved from a hopeless life of sin. Think of your own salvation and what you were saved from. If it were not for the sacrifice of Jesus, where would you be? We would be hopelessly lost—lost in our sin with no way to escape the eternal punishment and separation from God. Realizing where we were and what God has saved us from should generate a heart of gratitude. Worship grows in gratitude.

3. A Heart of Service

We can never repay what God has done for us. We can never be worthy of the sacrifice Christ made for us. We can never earn favor with God. And we should never try. But a heart full of faith and gratitude will want to serve. And it is through truly serving Him that we worship—showing God’s worth. He is worthy of anything and everything we can do for Him.

Each day, purpose to live in the finished work of Christ, being thankful to Him for all He’s done, and responding with selfless service.

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