Wiser than the Wisest: A Lesson on Trust

By Angel Meléndez

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The conies are but a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the rocks – Proverbs 30:26

A few days ago our 10 month old son, James, was running away from my wife’s giant exercise ball. For some strange reason, James did not want to be near the ball and quickly crawled away when he looked at it. We thought it was probably because the ball was bigger than him, but, one day I took James with me to where the ball was to demonstrate that the ball was inoffensive. To my surprise, he was not scared anymore with the giant ball. The reason was simple: Although the ball was bigger than him, Daddy was bigger than the ball, and he was with Daddy.

That was the lesson that Agur learned from observing a small rabbit.  The rabbit really did not have much strength, it was not a predator, nor was it a deadly hunter.  It was a small rabbit, which by its own forces would never have a reason to feel confident.  But, despite his weakness, he felt very confident.  His confidence did not depend on himself; his confidence was dependent on where he was. This rabbit had decided to put his house in the rocks. The confidence of this rabbit was not determined by what he was, but it was determined by where he was.

The Bible says that our position as believers is in Christ.  Our confidence should not come from ourselves or our abilities; our confidence should be from the place where we are in Jesus.


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