His Glory Brings our Good

By Pastor Troy Dorrell

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I was recently reading an article on God’s desire for his creation to worship Him and how some people find objection to God asking us to make Him the primary source of our glorying and praise. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Brad Pitt said they turned away from their childhood faith because they felt God was too self-adulating. Unfortunately, people like these and many others fail to recognize that God is not a man. If a man demanded that we worship him or praise him he does so for his own glory, self-absorption, and benefit. However, when God asks us to glory in Him He is also giving us a gift in return. As our creator He has created and designed us to be most fulfilled and happy when we find satisfaction and joy in Him. In other words, when we see and recognize God’s goodness and we praise Him for it, we are giving the Lord His due and are releasing the greatest joy men can know. Living for the Lord truly is about honoring the One who saved us, but it is also acknowledging that living in Christ and for Christ unveils the best version of ourselves. Let me put it this way: God designed birds to fly. If birds tried to find the best and happiest version of themselves by hopping everywhere they would never know the full measure of the joy for which they were created. It is in the air that they live as they were intended to live and can find the greatest joy.  The same is true for us! If we try to find happiness apart from God in tangible things, accumulation, pleasure, prestige, or fame we are living like flightless birds. We will never fully realize that the way we were designed to fly is by living for God, pleasing Him, and making His purposes our own.  So when God asks us to Glorify Him and to live for Him He is loving us enough to tell us how to be the best and happiest versions of ourselves.  His glory does indeed bring our good.

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