A Happy Marriage

By Daniel Fleet

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Have you ever seen a married couple that looked happy and content? I know I have. I have seen young, middle aged, and older couples that looked happy with their marriage and with their life. Like me maybe you wonder why they are happy. Did they get lucky and marry the “right” spouse? While some couples may be more compatible than others, the answer is a resounding no! Happy marriages happen because at least one spouse decided to take responsibility for their marriage.

Nothing good just happens, good things happen because someone took responsibility and decided that they were going to be happy and that they were going to make the marriage a success. It’s hard to believe but this year my wife and I will celebrate ten years of marriage! I’ll be honest our marriage hasn’t always been all it could be. But, I am more happily married today than I was on year one. While our marriage hasn’t always been easy my wife and I made the choice that we are going to invest in our marriage and make it a success.

I want you to consider this question today: “Am I taking responsibility for my marriage?” I didn’t ask you about your spouse, they certainly have a role to play! However, what role do you play? Are you taking 100% responsibility for your marriage? Only when YOU come to grips with your role will you give your marriage a chance for true success.

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