Prove It!

By Jason Shuler


On Wednesday nights, we have Teen Church for our teenagers. We tried something new last night; which is always subject to danger, and certainly failure. I selected five brave volunteers to sit in chairs at the front of the auditorium, then explained the new Teen Church format.

I divided the teens into two groups and would present to them an Biblical challenge. Last night’s question was this: “Was the world created in six literal, twenty-four hour days?” To one side, they had to prove that the answer was “yes” while the other side had to prove “no.”

Of course, as a Christian, I’m in favor of Creation as opposed to the theory of evolution. I believe the answer to be: “Yes, creation consisted of six literal twenty-four hour days.” All of the teenagers in the room believed the same as me, but the point of this series was—can they prove it?

Once given the question and their answer, each team was given ten minutes to build their case. Each side had to present their stance based on the Bible; secular sources and personal opinions would be thrown out as irrelevant. I served as the judge and moderator of this orderly discussion. Both sides built compelling cases, but in the end the jury would have the final say.

The jury was asked to vote not on which side they agreed with, but which side proved the best argument. The anonymous voting ballots were counted and with a score of 3-2, the side in favor of the correct answer lost.

Although one side had the right answer, they couldn’t really prove it. That is the point of this Teen Church series. Many times, we know the truth, we know what we believe, but we don’t know how to prove it from the Bible. If we can’t back up what we believe from God’s Word—how strongly do we believe it?

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