Increasing Our Influence by Teri Dorrell


Looking back over 2012, once again I am amazed at how quickly it flew by. Each year it seems to faster and faster (I know, I know—I am getting older and it works that way); but on the positive side, I am also becoming more reflective. Who did I influence this past year for the good? In what area did I make a difference? Will my investment matter or even last past the moment? I think each of us desire that our lives would count in eternity; but the question is: How am I going to make it count and last?

I would like to share two ways that have helped my influence. First, is by being purposeful about it. Know who you want to invest in and then how you are going to make that investment. Nothing in life just happens! It will help if you are specific and selective. For instance, it is not helpful for me to say I want to influence the ladies at Eastland Baptist Church but it is helpful to pick one lady a month or a lady younger and older than me and influence them. As for how—the sky’s the limit! Taking her to lunch, writing a note, going out for coffee or shopping (woohoo); even making a meal for her to be a blessing to her family, being a patient listener or encourager—again the sky is the limit!

The second is to be repetitive. The things that have impacted me most were the ones that I experienced over and over. Growing up, I remember my father often saying to me “don’t sweat the small stuff”. He wanted me to remember not to worry about all the small, petty things in life. Repetition can be in how you live your life to influence others as well as the things you do and say to influence others. Constant repetition carries conviction; it is a very effective tool.

One investment probably isn’t going to have the influence that will last, but a weekly touch will. A meaningful quote said often will be retained. Daily, Christ-like character lived out at work or home will have that eternal impact we all desire! Today, decide to be purposeful and repetitive about your influence.

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