Ageless, Yet Aging


There is one process in which we are all involved on a daily basis – the process of aging. I recently read for a second time a very thought-provoking book entitled The Glory of Aging, written by Francis C. Grubbs. This well presented examination of truths about the aging process greatly challenged and encouraged me in this “senior” life stage in which I find myself, a stage that arrived more quickly than expected.  I trust that the short articles ahead will be enlightening and encouraging to you as well!

The “Big 3″ questions which have always been, and will forever be, in the minds of mankind are these: where did I come from, why am I here, and where am I going? We are finite, time bound beings, and therefore must search for the answers to these serious questions from a source outside of ourselves.  Foundational to our grasp of the principles we will consider is the realization and acceptance of the fact that there are only 2 “world views” that are present, and that they are diametrically opposed to each other!  These are the humanistic (man centered) world view and the theistic (God centered) world view. We will consider these  “big 3” questions mentioned above by letting God be God– by a look at the stages of life as He explains them in His infallible Word.  By the way, what is aging?  Where did it come from? What is a biblical view of it? What is God’s role for aging persons? What about this thing called “retirement?” Join me as we seek to let God answer these questions for us.

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