God IS Good!


I’m sure, like me, you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and of course, ate too much of all those wonderful dishes that were set before you!  Last Sunday at church I reported [rather, boasted] to our Victory Class that I had been treated on Thanksgiving Day to some of the best ribs I had ever eaten, and not wanting to offend the chef, I certainly did my part by putting away more than any man should legally be allowed to consume.  I am absolutely sure that Laurie married the right guy when she said “I do” to Aaron, and I’m so glad to have him and his culinary abilities in the family!

I am grateful for the privilege of living in the “land of plenty,” and I certainly recognize that “every good and perfect gift cometh from above.” It is to my shame, however, that I sometimes begin to take these “gifts” for granted, and fail to even say thank you to the One Who gives them.  Maybe at times I mistakenly think that I deserve them, or that things “just happen,” or that God is “obligated” to give them to me.  Many times in expressing thankfulness I say “God’s been good,” and He has, but maybe even in wording it that way I put His goodness into a context that implies that His goodness is a reality only because He has blessed me. The truth is, God IS good, and only He possesses the moral attribute of goodness in His essential nature. No doubt about it, His goodness eternally moves Him to communicate Himself to me through His love, His benevolence, His mercy, and His grace, and praise His name, He always has my best interest at heart.

This article was prompted by a verse I just read in the book of Romans in my daily Bible reading.  In chapter 2, verse 4, Paul asked this question: “Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?” I’m thinking, how might I be “despising” the goodness of God?  The word “despise” in this particular place in Scripture means “to think amiss; to treat with neglect; to render of none effect; to draw wrong conclusions about its purpose.” Paul is reminding me that God’s objective in exercising His goodness is repentance. If I “misuse” His goodness by an attitude that I deserve it, I can actually become more hardened rather than humbled by it. By God’s goodness I am obligated and engaged to humbly love and serve Him, my loving benefactor.  Thank you, God, for being good, and for expressing your goodness to me in so many ways.  And all God’s people said -  Amen!

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