Simply Thankful


Oh the joys of Thanksgiving— time with family, food, shopping, and football.  As far back as I can remember we have enjoyed doing all this together as a family, but there is one thing in particular within our traditions that sticks out more than the others.  Before we eat our Thanksgiving dinner, we go around the table and mention what we are thankful for.  What a sweet time it is to hear the different things spoken, and especially the children, they make it even more precious.  For the adults, they tend to mention deep, spiritual things.  With the children it is so much simpler; like their family, food, toys, and ability to run and play.  These things I tend to forget that God blesses me with each and every day.

It makes me think of a story from Luke 17, about ten lepers, and they asked Jesus to heal them.  He told them to go to the priests, and they would be healed.  They had faith in God to heal them, and went to see the priests.  On the way they were all healed of their horrible disease.  I can see them all jumping and running around; so excited to be healed.  Nine of them ran off with excitement, but one of them returned to Jesus to give thanks.  He was the only one that showed his gratitude to the Lord.  The reason I think of this story is that these men had the greatest thing ever happen to them, yet they forgot to say thank you.  If they can fail to give thanks for the big things, is it likely they can fail to give thanks for the small things?

As the children with their humble hearts give us examples of how to be thankful, let us remember all that Christ has done for us.  We should be thankful for the big and the small, not forgetting the One who did it for us.

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